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Value your time with BuyTime!

A newly established holding BuyTime Incorporated LLP has introduced an innovative approach to benefit from such a valuable resource as time. Now, everyone has got an opportunity to buy time and earn on it.
Time is considered to be the most valuable resource in our world. If you want to improve your finances, you need to know how to manage time. BuyTime holding is definitely a great manager of time, as the main activity of the company includes dealing with media airtime and getting profit from it. The holding is an expert in the sphere of media and is aware of the true price of time in it. According to the research, one second of the global advertising market costs $ 23,784. BuyTime has set the goal to purchase airtime on TV channels, information space, media resources for a total amount of $75 000 000 US during the first period of work, with the plans to increase this amount significantly during the next 3 years.
The CEO of BuyTime Inc. Dmitrijs Lutovs perfectly knows the exact value of each second, minute and hour of media time and considers it to be the world's most powerful investment tool. With the help of highly qualified specialists, he managed to create a unique project that gives the ability to cooperate with BuyTime all interested people. The partnership with the holding involves purchasing a media portfolio which is a completely new concept of working with airtime.

Media-portfolios of BuyTime Inc. are convenient in usage investment instruments allowing to get high passive income. 9 different media-portfolios with the cost of US $20 up to US $25,000 are now available for purchasing. Any of them has a validity period of 364 days, with the possibility of a new purchase. Each media-portfolio brings no less than 1% of income per day. So, depending on the type of media-portfolio you choose, you can earn from 364% up to 404% per annum.
BuyTime values the time of its customers, so all procedures, which should be done in order to invest in media-portfolios, are simple and clear. There is also the Technical Support Service ? a professional service structure, which resolves issues encountered by users.
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